9 Habits Of Women That Are Harmful To Their Health

9 Habits Of Women That Are Harmful To Their Health

We, as women, engage in a lot of everyday activities that are harmful to us in the long run. They are so ingrained in our routines that figuring out their repercussions is simply not easy. We, women, do swear by a daily ritual of cleaning and grooming. From shampooing to brushing to regular cleaning to indulging in regular sessions at the spa, women can be regarded as cleanliness freaks. But there are certain habits that should not be practised on a daily basis, and we are here to address them.

Coming over to the nether regions, they must be taken extra care of. From using harsh soaps at those places to being lax while surfing the crimson wave to wearing underwires, we women need to take more care of our bodies. Without realising, we often indulge in a lot of overhaul and possessiveness with our delicate bodies.

Here is a list of rituals that we indulge in, unknowingly and then suffer from them. Read on to beware of them

1. One must not wear the same sanitary napkin throughout the day.

#1. One must not wear the same sanitary napkin throughout the day. 

Sanitary napkins tend to get contaminated if worn for a long time. One must change them every four hours. Vaginal infections and redness can be caused if napkins are worn for long durations

2. Washing the bra only once a week.

#2. Washing the bra only once a week.

This applies to the underwired and the padded ones. It is important to maintain hygiene and experts advice that bras must be washed at best after three uses. Repeated prolonged use can make them lose their shape, making them ill-fit for you. So, do not let it lose its shape!

#3. Wearing black bras in summer.

#3. Wearing black bras in summer.

Black makes you feel hotter in summers, this is why you should keep floral printed, light-coloured ones for summer.

4. Wearing bra while sleeping.

#4. Wearing bra while sleeping. 


This is a very harmful practice. Wearing it while sleeping keeps the pectoral muscles restrained, affecting the circulation of nerves in the arms and damaging the breast tissues. Also, the hook of the bra strap can cause a bruise while you are asleep.

#5. Washing vagina with soap.

Down there, things are pretty delicate. Extra care must be taken. For this, there is no need for washing it with soap, a simple douche is enough. You will be surprised to know that vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism, that is evident from the white mucus that is produced.

#6. The fascination for wearing underwired ones.

Problems such as skin irritation, breast fungus, poor circulation and hyperpigmentation can be caused if underwired bras are worn for long. It should not be a habit to wear them daily. Also, they must not be too tight. After all, comfort is everything!

#7. Spraying deodorant directly on skin.

#7. Spraying deodorant directly on skin.

This is a dangerous practice as it can cause irritation on the delicate skin and can lead to breast cancer, too. Indulging in this practice, we infuse toxins into the blood. It is advised to use them on clothes, even if the packing claims it to be safe on the skin. Better safe than sorry!

#8. Stepping in the sun, without precautions.

#8. Stepping in the sun, without precautions. 

It is extremely important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Always cover your face and arms. The UV rays from the sun can cause burns. Make it a point to wear a sunscreen and keeping your body covered. Never ever expose your body to direct sunlight, it is harsh.

9. Not removing make-up before sleeping.

#9. Not removing make-up before sleeping.

A simple makeup wipe or a face wash can get you rid of make-up, dirt and grime. Sleeping with makeup on can cause premature ageing and blisters and spoiled pillow cases. Thus, it is better to get rid of the makeup.

We want you to take care of yourself. You are an only one, value it and preserve it, girls! Be proud and take care!


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