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Rick And Morty Season 3, Episode 4 Review: Superheroes And A Call To Adventure

Rick And Morty Season 3, Episode 4 Review: Superheroes And A Call To Adventure

Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 4, Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender, introduces superheroes and then brilliantly shows how wrong it can all go.

CreatorsDan Harmon and Justin Roiland
Summary: An animated series that follows the exploits of a super-scientist and his not-so-bright grandson.

Superheroes are all the rage, so it was only a matter of time before Rick and Mortydecided to take the entire genre down a level. This time we see Morty use his “every tenth adventure is mine,” setup from the first season to justify “a literal call for adventure.” From there we meet the Vindicators, who appear to be this universe’s version of the Avengers or the Justice League. Morty thinks they are the coolest thing since sliced bread, but Rick is far from impressed.

Then things get a little crazy in the way that only Rick and Morty can. The idea of taking a bunch of heroes in the traditional sense and pitting them against a personality like Rick’s is one of those genius setups that only works in the logic of this show.

While this episode doesn’t get nearly as bloody as the Pickle Rick episode, it does have some amazing moments of cartoon gore that walk the line of being too much and being hilarious. The best moments are between Rick and Morty, as always.

This show loves to make the audience think we’re about to learn something new about Rick — and then pull the rug from under us. The creators seem to know that their fanbase enjoy these moments where we think Rick might be a layered onion when, in reality, he’s an asshole, and has always been an asshole despite how much we might want him to change. This fake-out is probably the best one we’ve seen thus far, which makes it brilliant.

Rick and Morty has always been a good show, but this season is absolutely living up to the hype. After such a long wait, there was always the chance that these episodes could let fans down, but these last two have been some of the best the show has put out thus far. Fans of superheroes are going to like this one.


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