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11 Photos From Game Of Thrones s7e6 “Beyond The Wall”

11 Photos From Game Of Thrones s7e6 “Beyond The Wall”

HBO’s Game Of Thrones is having a hell of a 7th season guys. After that unfortunate HBO hack, and numerous threats of further releases, the premium cable network suffered yet another blow this week.

HBO Spain ‘accidentally’ uploaded Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 6 “Beyond the Wall” (not the previously announced e6 title of “Death is the Enemy”) on Monday.  This of course meant the internet lit up with gifs, images, and in depth reports of the leak. But, despite episode 5 being leaked early too, the show just celebrated its highest viewership numbers EVER.

We’re being good and waiting til Sunday (like everyone else) to watch and review the episode, so never fear.

Thankfully, HBO today released the OFFICIAL images from “Beyond The Wall”, and we’ve got them here for you guys to peruse:

Beric and Jon in the wilderness beyond the wall
Brienne and Sansa looking serious.
Sansa and Arya, possibly discussing that letter of Littlefinger’s
Tyrion and Dany enjoying a fireside chat.
The most bitchin’ northern metal album, “Beyond The Wall”
Seriously though, can’t wait to see this costume in it’s full glory. Tyrion and Dany are greeted by Viserion and Drogon. Could this image tie into the three headed dragon theory? Does Tyrion get that wildfyre green mount?
Cracking open cold ones with the boys.
Grey bear grey bear, what do you see? “Ser Jorah sees the undead charging towards me”
Tormund. So freaking majestic.
Jon, looking rather sad, while swinging a sword.

Officially listed as 70 minutes long, “Beyond the Wall” is currently the longest episode the show has aired.  This will change when the finale airs, because it clocks in at 80 minutes.  Goodness.  Make sure you don’t drink too much Ommegang Bend The Knee ale before watching THAT episode.

Anyway, here is the official preview trailer for episode 6:

11 Photos From Game Of Thrones s7e6 “Beyond The Wall”

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