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Bungie Claims Steam Sales For ‘Destiny’ Silver Were An “Error”

Bungie Claims Steam Sales For ‘Destiny’ Silver Were An “Error”

A little shock and surprise when out earlier this month when Destiny Silver suddenly popped up onto Steam for purchase. If you’re not playing the game, “Silver” is the in-game currency used to buy all the random stuff you want in the game. So naturally, speculation went out that we’d see Destiny 2 on Steam. But after taking the currency down, Bungie was quick to send out word that this would not be the case.

Here’s a quick sample of tweets sent out by David “Deej” Dagu, who is Bungie’s Community Manager and usually the guy who has to curtail false news or mistakes about games with the fans. Watch as he is quick to dismiss the possibility of Destiny 2 on Steam.

The obvious question that comes up is that if you’re not planning for a PC release, how in the world does your in-game currency appear on Steam? Someone had to apply for that to be an option to be added. And if Destiny 2 is exclusive to Blizzard’s system, why are they even talking to Steam in the first place about anything? So many unanswered questions that we’ll probably not know the true answer behind for a long time.

Bungie Claims Steam Sales For ‘Destiny’ Silver Were An “Error”

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