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Curse Launches ‘D&D Beyond’ A Digital Resource For Dungeons & Dragons

Curse Launches ‘D&D Beyond’ A Digital Resource For Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Beyond is now officially live. Curse has launched the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, bringing the 40-year old RPG game firmly into the on-line realm. The digital companion web app allows you to manage your characters and gives you instant access to the information you need to play the game. Which means you no longer need to carry around the big handbooks and search through pages to find the spell you need or information on the monster you’re about to fight. This will give players more time for the adventures and less time of flipping through pages.


D&D Beyond currently offers the game rules, lore, and tools like a character builder and an interactive digital character sheet. It’s built with official D&D content and the ability to create and add your own custom homebrew spells, magic items and monsters. Groups can play with digital versions of every official D&D sourcebook within the compendium. They can build characters using all the material published by Dungeons & Dragons for fifth edition, while adding custom magic items or spells created using the homebrew system. That homebrew content can then be shared with the community for other players to use in their own games.

The app has both an on-line version and one for mobile devices. Curse is working with the Dungeons & Dragons team and will continue to implement any new adventures and rules going forward including the upcoming Tomb of Annihilation and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. The beta for D&D beyond included over 200K members and have created more than 240K characters (Including my own Bard).

As an inexperienced player, I needed to create a character for a group I’d been recently asked to join and where I spent time watching Youtube videos and reading the handbook, it still seemed pretty intimidating where creating my character in D&D Beyond made it a lot easier… and I’ll be signed in there tonight moving my Bard up to level 2.



Curse Launches ‘D&D Beyond’ A Digital Resource For Dungeons & Dragons

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