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Is Wonder Woman Is Destined To Be A Very Bad Mother? (Justice League #27 Spoilers)

Is Wonder Woman Is Destined To Be A Very Bad Mother? (Justice League #27 Spoilers)

At the denouement of Justice League #26, for which DC Comics sent out the final page as a preview, the main members of the Justice League (Mera replacing Aquaman, and Batman elsewhere) met their own children from twenty-odd years in the future. There have been all sorts of subsequent reactions.

From the Barry Allen Flash and the Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, discovering that they had not one but three children together.

And that Superman made a great surrogate father for Hunter Prince, who grew up with Superman’s actual son, and Batman’s son Damian.

But as for his mother…

That’s right,m in this future, Wonder Woman abands her son, Hunter Prince (father not named or referred to). And why?

Wonder Woman abandoned her son because he was a boy, leaving Superman to raise him alongside his own children. Cue lots of meaningful silent stares.

Lots of them.

Oh yes, and Green Lantern Simon Baz kills Sinestro.

In the comics, Dark Knight III: The Master Race gave us a daughter for Wonder Woman and Superman. At the end of Kingdom Come, Superman and Wonder Woman are expecting a child. While the character of Fury, Lyta Trevor, was the daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor on Earth 2. But potential sons haven’t come into the equation much.

And for Hunter Price, his origins remain more of a mystery. So, can the future of Wonder Woman be redeemed? Will the real reason she abandons Hunter be a selfless one, for some mythological prophecy she is trying to avoid, one that this storyline may even fulfil?

Or will Bad Mother Wonder Woman join Anti-Healthcare Batman in Bryan Hitch‘s Justice League legacy?

Justice League #27 by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert and Brad Anderson is published by DC Comics today, or last night if you were lucky.

Is Wonder Woman Is Destined To Be A Very Bad Mother? (Justice League #27 Spoilers)

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