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So How Fast Is Wonder Woman Anyway?

So How Fast Is Wonder Woman Anyway?

It’s not just the Flash and Superman who are speedy in the DC Universe. Indeed, in today’s Batman #29, we get some rather impressive superspeed from otherwise normal folk. So when the Joker gets a little annoyed by his tableware…

…the Riddler is there to snatch it out of the air.

I mean that’s impressive. But it’s not like you could do it with a bullet.

But Wonder Woman can. A sniper shot through a window, deflected by bracelets, in today’s Wonder Woman #28 by Shea Fontana, David Messina and Romulo Fajardo Jr. I’ve usually seen Wonder Woman’s bullet deflecting abilities as a combination of speed and reflex combined with her reading her opponents’ body language, so she knows where people are going to shoot before they even know themselves. Or at least being aware that she is being shot at, and from where.

But a distant sniper through a window without being aware they were there in the first place, and the breaking window being the first moment that Wonder Woman would have been aware of the bullet – that’s fast. The window may slow the bullet but not by enough. There has to be enough time for her to lift her head, see the bullet then move her arm to intercept.

That says Speed Force to me. Certainly sonic booms. Or, you know, she might just be the demi-god Wonder Woman –  and a wizard did it. So, possibly a terrible mother, but at least she’d make sure her kids weren’t shot.

Wonder Woman #28 is published by DC Comics today.

(W) Shea Fontana (A) David Messina (CA) Jesus Merino
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So How Fast Is Wonder Woman Anyway?

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