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Twitch To Run Classic Game Show ‘Starcade’ For Next Marathon

Twitch To Run Classic Game Show ‘Starcade’ For Next Marathon

Long before eSports, long before Nick Arcade, long before the original Nintendo World Championships… there was Starcade. This is a show that pre-dates the existence of most of you reading this as it was the first game show centered around arcade games. Contestants would go on and compete against each other on classic arcade games for a chance to win money and prizes. The show only lasted one year on TBS from 1982-1983 until the “superstation” pulled the plug, but not before they cranked out over 130 episodes.

Now those episodes are getting their own marathon on Twitch at the end of the month. As previously announced at SDCC, for six days from August 28 until September 3, Geek & Sundry’s Erika Ishii will be hosting the event live on the social media streaming platform, presenting all of the episodes in their entirety. Yeah, even the ones where all of the contestants horribly bombed under the pressure of being on cable.

The Starcade marathon is being done in partnership with Shout! Factory, who previously worked with Twitch to present the Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon a few months ago. The marathon coincides with PAX West, and while not directly related or partnered, it’s good to know what people who can’t attend the event still have something awesome to watch as news comes out of the convention. You can catch the entire marathon on Shout! Factory’s Twitch channel.

Twitch To Run Classic Game Show ‘Starcade’ For Next Marathon

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