Movie Japanese Trailer: “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”

Japanese Trailer: “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”

A new international trailer has arrived for “How to Talk to Girls at Parties,” the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s short story by acclaimed “Rabbit Hole” and “Shortbus” director John Cameron Mitchell.

Set in the 1970s London punk rock scene, Alex Sharpe plays a young man who stumbles into a house party that he soon discovers to be populated by aliens undergoing a rite of passage.

He immediately falls in love with Elle Fanning’s Zan, who is intrigued by his descriptions of life on Earth and of the punk scene. Nicole Kidman co-stars as the frizzy-haired Queen Boadicea.

The trailer briefly starts with a Japanese voiceover but is otherwise in English. The film will be released in cinemas by A24 later this year.

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