(GIST) Chandler Riggs, Carl on The Walking Dead, looks much different now (spoilers)

Chandler Riggs, Carl on The Walking Dead, looks much different now (spoilers)

Spoilers for previously aired episodes of The Walking Dead follow, along with comic spoilers
On the December 10th midseason finale of The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes, the son of leader Rick Grimes and the heir apparent to leadership of the Alexandria group in the comics, revealed that he had sustained a zombie bite to his torso. While previous characters have survived bites through amputating limbs, there’s no treatment for Carl’s injury and it’s thought that he’s a goner. Indeed Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl, has confirmed that his character is going to die as has showrunner Scott Gimple. Carl’s fate is much different than in the comics, his character is still alive there, and this seems to have been a unilateral decision by Gimple. Riggs has stated that he was surprised by his character’s fate, and the actor’s father wrote a scathing Facebook post about Gimple, claiming Gimple had just told his son that he would be on the show for the next three years.

In case you needed another piece of evidence that Carl has been written off the show, Riggs, 18, has had his character’s trademark mullet cut off. He now has a cute short cut. A salon in Woodstock, GA, Salon Gloss and Spa, cut Riggs’s hair and posted before and after photos to their Instagram. He looks so different and handsome!

No more mullet!! Thank you @willcdoesyourhairmakeup #salonglosswoodstock

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The salon posted a bunch more photos too and Riggs was game to pose for them.

A little behind the scenes @salonglosswoodstock with @chandlerriggs5 today! #awesomepeople #twd #newbegginings #salonglosslove #downtownwoodstockga

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Stylist Will Clemons had fun giving @chandlerriggs5 his first major haircut in a long time! #newbeginnings #salonglosslove #twdcarl

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Now he looks like a much more versatile actor. Riggs was one of the names on the short list to play young Hans Solo in a Star Wars prequel and while I doubt he’ll get that particular role I hope there are more coming around the bend for him. However he is going to college after taking a gap year so hopefully he will make education a priority. One bright spot in this firing is that Riggs has his whole life and career ahead of him and more of a chance to avoid being typecast as “that kid from Walking Dead.” He shed that look so easily and is not as recognizable with short hair. It seems like Riggs is having a hard time getting used to his new hair too. He joked on Twitter that it makes him feel exposed.

While Riggs may be making changes and moving on, fans aren’t ready to let Carl go. There’s a petition with over 50,000 signatures calling for showrunner Gimple to be fired in light of his decision to kill Carl Grimes, a character who is pivotal to the story in the comics.




photos credit: WENN and Instagram/Salon Gloss and Spa

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