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New Details Emerge About The New Dauntless “Frostfall” Update

New Details Emerge About The New Dauntless “Frostfall” Update

More details have emerged this week about the “Frostfall” update that will be coming to Dauntless this month. IGN scored the details yesterday, which we’ve posted a snippet of below. Phoenix Labs will release the update on December 19th, which will feature new adventures and ways to customize your game.

credit//Phoenix Labs

There are new consumables you can collect from Bosum Markus Boehr, including a portable campfire to stay warm on the hunt. Though these items are only offered for a limited time you’ll be able to keep them after the event concludes. You can illuminate the sky with two new Frostfall themed flares, and Slayers will also be able to further customize their banner with a new standard, fabrics, and sigil. But that’s not all, there will be a new island arrival, three new emotes available – which will also be available after the event – alongside 4 new in-game titles, and a limited edition cosmetic helm.

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