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Cosplayers Address Rick Basaldua’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Cosplayers Address Rick Basaldua’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Four years ago, foxgist Cool ran the story that comic book inker and cosplay glamour photographer Rick Basaldua had a restraining order legally placed against him from another, female, comic creator. At the time, we heard stories that it was bigger than that, but could only get so far in our investigations. But this weekend, a number of cosplayers have come out to share stories about other alleged misbehavior, as well as those opting to defend him. The hashtag #rickbeware saw just a few posts — but they were impactful. The first, from Teena Phoenix, who cosplays as Kitty the Dork:

Report abusers & predators! Talk about it! Silence is the abusers best friend! There’s over 20+ girls who have said Rick Basaldua harassed or abused them. This is not ok! I was one of them! Some of the girls are/were underage!😱 If you’re a photographer who knows about this guy please talk about it on here. Post it! Don’t let the women he abuses feel alone. Speaking up gives others courage! If a female you know ever says they are shooting with someone ask them who it is. Make sure it isn’t Rick! Then tell them about him! Please! Spread the word! Women & girls are being harassed, manipulated, & guilted into sleeping in his bed and just flat out scared to say no to him! He’s 200+ pounds and 6 foot! Even guys are intimidated by him so how do you think the ladies are feeling? He’s been doing this for years!😡😡😡 #rickbeware #speakup #nomoreabuse #predator #takenoshit #spreadtheword

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And from Steph Sugar, who cosplays as Harley Quinn 505:

⚠PROOF IS IN THIS, PUDDIN😤☠It’s all fun and games until ONE PERSON RUINS THE COMMUNITY and becomes the Harvey Weinstein of cosplay photography! View my story now and stay tuned for a YouTube video with more testimonials from other models who have worked with rickbas9. This is a few photos from other models. STAY SAFE, investigate your photographers and don’t owe anyone anything u don’t feel right with! “I AM THAT PERSON” #rickbeware #cosplaynotconsent #badphotographers

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They shared similar stories and stated that there over 20 others planning to do the same soon — some of whom were featured on a number of highlighted screencaps being shared:

Phoenix stated:

“Women & girls are being harassed, manipulated, & guilted into sleeping in his bed and just flat out scared to say no to him! He’s 200+ pounds and 6 foot! Even guys are intimidated by him so how do you think the ladies are feeling? He’s been doing this for years!”

However, Basaldua was defended by fellow cosplayer Angela Mazzanti, who wrote in a comment on Phoenix’s Instagram post:

He’s never been anything but respectful to me and never overstepped any boundaries Honestly after watching so many of your Snapchat’s you’re the kind of girl who cries over anything and always has something to cry and complain over so i have a hard time taking anything you say too seriously Again don’t involve me in some dumbass accusation shit about someone.

But other people joined in, such as J Meow, who posted:

I don’t know you, but Rick was 100% a creeper to me and my fiancé had to get to him leave me alone after I said no MULTIPLE TIMES. Your friend is gross – this is NOT an “accusation” it’s an experience. I’m SO genuinely glad he hasn’t treated you that way – that how we ALL would like to be treated. If you’re a good friend, keep your eyes open and guide him to help future issues become non existent.

Cosplayer Alexandria N. Fall also defended Basaldua in a comment on Steph Sugar’s post, saying:

THIS STORY IS FAKE. DO NOT BELIVE [sic] THIS. It is true that Rick can be very flirtatious towards women but he did not realize how he was coming off and he is making an active effort at improving himself after me and people who actually care spoke to him about what people were saying. Rick is a really good person and he has a good heart, but instead of talking to him like adults you’re making assumptions and labeling him things that he isn’t. I have known him for a long time and I guarantee that if he knew how uncomfortable he was making people he would’ve changed a long time ago, but he is changing now so instead of attacking him for how he didn’t realize he was even acting how about help him become a better person and applaud him for realizing things that happened and making an active effort into fixing it?

Sugar responded saying:

Rick practice [sic] body against mine multiple times blocking my path as I would try to walk somewhere he would get in my face he would hold my neck he would hold my face he would tell me he like to kids he would put his lips on mine I had no choice but to kids back to get him out of my personal space. He would make little comments in public he would constantly make sexual references. I was asleep on the couch and he still woke me up to ask me if I wanted to sleep on the twin size mattress with him upstairs I told him for the second time after already showing discussed that I was fine sleeping on the couch. He then threw me attitude because I didn’t want to do what he wanted. And we didn’t even do the shoot that we had originally planned.

My issue is RICK📸📸📸 is that he pressed body against me Multiple times. He would kiss me he would hold my neck he would be in my personal space he would block my path when I would try to walk somewhere.

Basaldua did not respond to enquiries made regarding these accounts over the weekend, but it appears he blocked some of the complainants in question on Instagram. We’re happy to add any comment he may want to make, just as we offered four years ago.

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