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Did Dan Slott Just Spoil His Last Amazing Spider-Man Story? Or Is He Still Messing with the Internet?

Did Dan Slott Just Spoil His Last Amazing Spider-Man Story? Or Is He Still Messing with the Internet?

This tweet doesn’t exist anymore.

But for a short period, it did. We’ll get to that in a minute, first, some context. And a reminder that there are, potentially, big spoilers here. You have been warned.

Dan Slott is the writer of Amazing Spider-Man, a multi-monthly ongoing series for Marvel Comics and, in recent years, its overall best-selling title. By all accounts, it has been an incredibly successful run. He has previously stated that he will have to be fired from writing the character, and he will continue to write Spider-Man as long as he is able.

Earlier this year we heard rumours that he was to leave the title and that Nick Spencer would take over writing the book after issue 800. Slott was insistent that he would keep writing Spider-Man, we took that to mean he would, but on a different title. Slott has spoken how his schedule prevents him from writing other books, and Silver Surfer did suffer from timeliness issues. Our presumption was that Slott would write a monthly Spider-Man title, and another title or two for Marvel as well. Or maybe something creator-owned.

Recently Marvel posted solicits for an upcoming Spider-Man comic by Dan Slott, stating that he had been saving the best for last. Everyone took that as meaning that this was Slott’s last story.

Now, some more context.

Dan Slott came to Spider-Man, writing the character after the Brand New Day storyline (technically published before, but in continuity terms, it was after) in which Peter Parker was no longer married to Mary Jane as their marriage had been spiritually deleted by Mephisto, the Marvel Universe Devil.  And so he wroite the adventures of a single Spider-Man, then had him killed off, replaced in his body by the mind of Doctor Octopus as the Superior Spider-Man.

At the time, Slott said that Peter Parker was dead and would always be dead. Few believed him, it was part of the act of selling the story. And eventually, in time for a movie, Peter Parker returned in the role.

Of late there has been increased online pressure for a return to the marriage. Dan Slott has been adamant that such a thing couldn’t happen anymore, that the decision had been made many levels up the chain. Indeed it was all he could do to get an alternate dimension comic book, Renew Your Vows approved for Secret Wars, then spinning off into its own successful ongoing series.

The argument that “one day a spider-marriage-loving EIC– or even OWNER– will reinstate it” really should be retired. Because it’s not even a pipe dream. It’s an impossibility– it’s nonsensical, because the system doesn’t work that way… J.K. Rowling could show up tomorrow and ask this. Wouldn’t happen.

But is this the Boy Crying Spider? Or is he teasing the internet again? Because yesterday, Slott tweeted out the following tweet. It purported to be an accidental tweet, intended to be sent by direct message on Twitter to Marvel editor Nick Lowe and then hurriedly deleted. Because apparently “Email’s down” and yet Twitter somehow still worked.

Which states that as part of the upcoming final arc, there is a pact between Green Goblin and Mephisto, the demon who took away the Spider-Marriage. And the cover to the upcoming March issue does appear to talk about a Red Goblin…


Cover by ALEX ROSS
The Green Goblin is back — and scarier than ever! Dan Slott has saved his most harrowing Spider-Man story for last as he and Stuart Immonen kick off the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story ten years in the making. Osborn got his crazy back and has a plan that’ll make all his past plans look like child’s play. Peter Parker and the people he loves (ALL of them) are in deep trouble. And who or what is the RED GOBLIN?! The only way Spider-Man survives is to GO DOWN SWINGING!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

But “accidental” DMs are nothing new. They’ve been done before to try and catch people out, make mock and tease. Because not only did no website mention a Mephisto/Osborn pact but this would never have been the way that would have a resolution. Slott has Lowe’s phone number for example. As well as that of Marvel’s PR department. If you wanted something done fast, that’s what you’d do…

And if he is doing a Mephisto storyline, there’s no actual guarantee it’s to reverse the marriage. But it is likely that he would tease the readers with the possibility – before damning it all to hell for eternity.

Either way, if we are being played, which we most likely are, it did make for an entertaining version.

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