(GIST) Brad Pitt celebrated his 54th b-day & he’s ‘casually dating’ but ‘nothing serious’

Brad Pitt celebrated his 54th b-day & he’s ‘casually dating’ but ‘nothing serious’

Brad Pitt at the Okja afterparty at The Boom Boom room at The Standard

With one notable exception, Brad Pitt has been mostly quiet this year. The biggest piece of his divorce/separation/custody fight with Angelina Jolie were in 2016. I seriously doubt that it’s been all smooth sailing between Pitt and Jolie regarding their divorce, but at least it’s been quieter. Brad even gave one big confessional interview to GQ Style where he pretty confirmed that he was a raging drunk for years and he had a come-to-Jesus moment after Angelina left him. He reportedly spends most days – when he’s not working on a film – in some kind of art studio, where he sculpts, listens to emo music and smokes cigarettes. Such is the life of a man who turned 54 years old this week.

One year older, one year wiser. Brad Pitt celebrated his 54th birthday on Monday, and a source tells PEOPLE the actor is doing well and taking better care of himself since his split from Angelina Jolie in September 2016.

“In a sense, this split was good for Brad because he sized himself up and realized there had to be changes,” an industry source tells PEOPLE. While his divorce from Jolie is not yet final, the two are moving forward amicably and coordinating schedules so both can spend time with their six kids.

“Brad and Angie are doing OK, working out time for him to be with the kids which he treasures,” says the source.

He’s also been “casually dating,” according to the source. “He has been going out but there is nothing serious in the dating area at all, nothing to speak of at this point,” adds the insider.

[From People]

Here’s a question: do you think Brad is a dry drunk? He reportedly sought some kind of treatment in the wake of Jolie leaving him last year, but even if he is sober these days, I still feel like there’s a mountain of dysfunction there. I guess we should give him credit for trying, and for taking some time off to get his sh-t together and reassessing his destructive behaviors and all of that. I don’t know. Also: I still believe that Brad had or still has an on-and-off thing with Sienna Miller. If they ever become official, that will be very interesting.

Brad Pitt takes home a iced coffee after lunch

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