(GIST) Meghan Markle is declared Hello Mag’s 2017 Woman of the Year: eh or yay?

Meghan Markle is declared Hello Mag’s 2017 Woman of the Year: eh or yay?

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I was actually sort of pleasantly surprised by how few publications went with “Sparkle” headlines in the wake of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement. Some did, of course, because it’s literally the easiest rhyme to make for headline-writers. Plus, it helped that Meghan actually does “sparkle” – she has bright, intelligent eyes and she’s vivacious and friendly, as opposed to aloof, duty-bound and dull. In any case, Hello Magazine went with a “Sparkle” headline to announce that Meghan is the 2017 Woman of the Year… for their publication. How do you feel about the choice to use an older PR photo instead of a candid shot? Hm.

Anyway, there are lots of smaller stories about Meghan and Harry this week. A “royal commentator” named Richard Fitzwilliams spoke Entertainment Tonight about how Meg and Harry’s marriage is “based on love” and how the royals have really taken to her quickly. You can read his comments here – he’s not saying anything new, at all.

Meanwhile, Israeli designer Inbal Dror has confirmed that he’s one of the designers to be asked to provide sketches and ideas for Meghan’s wedding gown. Dror made his sketches public, which is a sure sign that he’s not going to be chosen – you can see the sketches here. I’m glad he’s not going to be chosen because the dress in those sketches is horrible. Like, a lace panel in a deep V-neck, with boob ruffles? No thanks. I would absolutely love it if Meg chose an American designer, even if it was classic Vera Wang or a more conservative Ralph Lauren look. She’ll probably go with a British or Canadian designer though. Even though so much of her life will be micromanaged from here on out, I do believe that Meghan gets to make all of the decisions about her dress. Not even the Queen gets to have input. I hope it’s classic and chic and yet memorable.

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