(GIST) Mindy Kaling welcomed baby girl Katherine & we still don’t know the paternity

Mindy Kaling welcomed baby girl Katherine & we still don’t know the paternity

Mindy Kaling at The Paley Center for Media's 11th Annual PaleyFest fall TV previews Los Angeles for Hulu's The Mindy Project at The Paley Center for Media

It’s amazing, given what we know about Mindy Kaling, that she has managed to have a low-key pregnancy, and it’s amazing that we still don’t know the paternity of the baby. We learned in July that Mindy was expecting, and even her close friends and coworkers were apparently really surprised. I tried backdating the conception, trying to figure out WHEN she got pregnant so we could figure out which dudes were around her at that time. I still believe that the father was either BJ Novak – her date to the Oscars this year – or “some random Kiwi dude” because she was filming A Wrinkle In Time in New Zealand around the date of conception. I would still love it if she spent her time in New Zealand banging hot Kiwi men with their hot Kiwi accents.

In any case, Mindy has now given birth… to a baby girl! She announced the sex ahead of time because she’s no good at keeping secrets, unless that secret is the paternity.

It’s a girl for Mindy Kaling!

The Mindy Project creator and star, 38, welcomed her first child — a daughter named Katherine — on Friday, Dec. 15, E! News reports. A rep for Kaling had no comment on the happy news.

[From People]

I think Katherine is a great name because there are so many variations and nicknames. Kate, Kat, Katie, Kitty, Kathy, Kath, etc. Plus, I think Katherine Kaling sounds cool, like a superheroine’s alter-ego name. The problem is that Kaling isn’t really Mindy’s last name – that’s her stage name. Her birth name is Vera Mindy Chokalingam. So will the baby be Katherine Chokalingam? Perhaps. Also: I personally have a hella “Indian” name and I don’t have strong feelings about Indians giving their babies Anglo names. I like Anglo names, and I think Anglo names sound cool with Indian surnames too. Like, my last name is hard enough for people to spell and pronounce, it might be nice to put that surname with a very “easy” first name. Plus, the name Katherine might have some kind of special significance to Mindy.

PS… What if the baby’s name is Katherine Novak??

Mindy Kaling and ex B.J. Novak have a laugh in the Big Apple

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