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Comics Folk React To… Nick Gazin’s 2017 Top Ten Comic List For Vice

Comics Folk React To… Nick Gazin’s 2017 Top Ten Comic List For Vice

Well, that was a way to end 2017. Nick Gazin, comic book editor and critic for Vice, ended his year on December 29th with a top ten comic book list of 2017. With only eight titles to its name. A number of which were reprints. Oh, and no women creators either.

He justified the list of Simon Hanselmann‘s One More Year, Sammy Harkham‘s Crickets No. 6, Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez‘s Love and Rockets #2 and #4, Will Elder‘s The Million Year Picnic and Other Stories, The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 Omnibus by Stan Lee and John Romita, Johnny Ryan‘s Sex Crime #4, and Jay Disbrow‘s Monster Invasion, saying “Making a list of the top ten comics of 2017 was difficult since ten good comics didn’t get published this year.”

Now the point of such lists is generally to engender discussion and debate. And also, at this time of year, to fill space. So, one could say that it worked… though it also poses the question, what was so bad about Love And Rockets #3?

Here’s a little of the discussion it provoked from comic book creators, commentators and critics.

And even Fantagraphics, the beneficiary of the list wasn’t best pleased:

As for Nick’s reaction to the reaction?

Why do I get the feeling he’s already writing what he’s going to say for 2018? Will this hullabaloo encourage more people to tell their stories about Nick? And what was so terrible about Love And Rockets #3 anyway? It was the Doctor Who parady looking at the replaceability of women on the show, wasn’t it? Touched nerves?


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