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Colorado Gunman Had Captain America-Pepe The Frog As Facebook Photo

Colorado Gunman Had Captain America-Pepe The Frog As Facebook Photo

A gunman in suburban Denver is suspected of killing a policeman and wounding others in a shootout on Sunday morning. Five sheriff’s deputies and two civilians were shot. Deputy Zackari Parrish, a 29-year-old father of two died of his injuries.

The suspect, lawyer Iraq war veteran Matthew Riehl, 37, was shot and killed in the incident, that occurred when police were responding to his 911 report of a domestic disturbance, the sheriff’s office said Sunday. They report that the Riehl fired at least 100 rounds when they responded to the call.

The four injured officers were identified as Deputy Michael Doyle, 28, Deputy Taylor Davis, 30, Deputy Jeffrey Pelle, 32, and Officer Tom O’Donnell, 41. Davis, Donnell and Doyle were treated and later released hospital, while Pelle remains in hospital according to police spokespeople. In addition to the wounded deputies, Riehl hit two civilians, neither of whom suffered life-threatening injuries

Last month Riehl posted a now-deleted rant against Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock and his department on YouTube, demanding Spurlock be fired, and vowing to run against him on a libertarian ticket. Periscope video shows that he called 911 reporting a domestic disturbance, claiming he’d been threatened by a roommate, and that he was a gunowner.

His YouTube account is now mostly his gaming videos and Yo-Yo. His Twitter has been removed but archived (with the above icon) though there are some one-sided conversations remaining. His Facebook page has now been removed. But before that happened, the following profile pictures were identified, that all had comic book relevance.

From August, Bruce Banner with the rage of the Hulk inside him.

An unintended mashup of a University Of Wyoming Rape Culture image with Thor: Ragnarok branding, seemingly intended to mock or trivialise the original image.

And Pepe The Frog, a cartoon character created by Matt Furie which was reappropriated and used as a symbol of the alt-right movement, initially as a way to mock those who objected to alt right images by choosing something seemingly inoffensive, but then transforming it completely. The line “Now all Pepe needs is a stick!” would indicate a call to violence.

Six years ago, James Holmes murdered twelve people at a screening of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado, was a massive Batman fan and told arresting police that he was the Joker. This year, Matthew Sterling was arrested having smuggled in multiple guns at Phoenix Comicon dressed as the Punisher, intending to kill Jason David Frank and any policemen who attended the incident.

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