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Exclusive Extended Previews – Art of Atari Signed Edition

Exclusive Extended Previews – Art of Atari Signed Edition

The first time I learned what a tip in sheet was, I was talking to Steve Niles. He had just signed a bunch that he then had to send to Australia so that Ben Templesmith could sign as well. These were first the first 30 Days of Night trade. For those that don’t know, a ‘tip-in’ sheet is kind of just that. Its a sheet of paper that is already signed by the creators and added to a print run. This is also used for things like putting a sequential number into a book or if you wanted to do a run with an original piece of art in each.

I bring that up because of today’s exclusive extended preview for Dynamite Entertainment is the Art of Atari hardcover with a tip-in sheet signed by writer Tim Lapatino. The book is an in-depth look into the history and art behind one of the most popular video game companies in history. And the artists were amazing, look below and see they made Steeplechase and Video Checkers look like intense games.

Art of Atari Signed Edition
writer: Tim Lapatino artists: Various
FC | 352 pages | $59.99 | All Ages

FEATURING A SIGNED TIP-IN SHEET Now available with a signed tip-in sheet autographed by Tim Lapetino, author and Founder/Executive Director of the Museum of Video Game Art (MOVA)! The Art of Atari is the first official collection of original artwork specially commissioned to enhance the Atari experience. Sourced from private collections worldwide, this book spans over 40 years of the company’s unique illustrations used in packaging, advertisements, catalogs, and more.


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