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Final Fantasy XIV’s New Year’s Event Comes With Doge Hats

Final Fantasy XIV’s New Year’s Event Comes With Doge Hats


Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV’s annual Heavensturn event is underway once more, this time complete with the world’s cutest accessories. Yes, that’s right, you can get a Shiba kabuto in either the regular tan Shiba color or in grey. The Heavensturn event is usually a pretty hopeful, uplifting event, though unlike the exploding bear mounts from the previous Christmas event, you cannot ride the Shibas. Instead, we’re getting helmets and housing decor.

And it is all stupidly cute. So. Much. Shiba. And it won’t cost you a couple hundred thousand gil like the mameshiba minion will. And if you summon the minion, while wearing the Shiba Kabuto, next to the decor piece, you will be the most doge FFXIV player in existence. Yes, that exact scenario is one of my current in-game goals.

You can pick up the event from the Aftcastle at Limsa Lominsa x11.5, y 13.8. You know, the giant event circle surrounded by several of Limsa’s guilds and the Maelstrom HQ?

You can read the official details, and check out the gear, over on the FFXIV Lodestone.

In related FFXIV news, the game was crowned foxgist Cool’s Best MMO of 2017 just yesterday, and we also got more details and screenshots from the upcoming Patch 4.2 which will hit later this month.

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