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Soaring Penguin Press Takes 50% off Its Graphic Novels for the Next Week

Soaring Penguin Press Takes 50% off Its Graphic Novels for the Next Week

Soaring Penguin Press is the graphic novel publisher literally at the bottom of my road. With a collection of translated and original works, they are probably best known right now as the serialising publisher of the new Strangehaven comics by Gary Spencer Millidge in their Meanwhile anthology.

And for the next week, they have a half-price sale on a selection of their graphic novels, including their twice-Eisner-nominated volume To End All Wars. Half price is basically paying for them at the same price comic book stores pay… which is a pretty fine discount.

And if you go buy in person to save even more on postage, give me a shout! I’m only round the corner…

Notes 1: Born to be a Larve – Boulet (comes with a copy of Boulet’s 24-hour comic, The Gaeneviad).

Watching – Winston Rowntree (Winner of the Slate Book Review & Center for Cartoon Studies Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Web Comic 2015.)

To End All Wars (paperback edition) – Two time 2015 Eisner nominee for Best Anthology and Best Reality Based Work This is the paperback edition of the stunning anthology of 26 graphic narratives based on true events of the Great War. £2 of every copy sold will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Perfume of Lilacs by Samuel Leblanc

It’s Hard To Be A Girl by Bach – all about Estelle: a fashion addict and a shopaholic, particularly for shoes. Estelle shares her life with Charles who works with her in the video gaming world. Despite this common interest, Charles often has trouble following Estelle in her various misadventures. It is her taste for style that sometimes leads to behaviour that is somewhat… special. Armed with a great sense of observation of her peers – men and women – and a good dose of self-deprecation, this is Bach’s first graphic novel.

The Black Feather Falls by Ellen Lindner  – The complete volume of the Ignatz-nominated series follows the tenacious Tina Swift as she tries to solve the murder that everyone else wants to sweep under the rug.

The Erotic Adventures of Space Babe 113 by John Maybury, tongue-in-cheek series following a ditsy sex-obsessed catering officer (she really wanted to be a fashion designer!) Space Babe 113. Follow her titillating adventures armed with artificially intelligent knickers! Naughty, surreal and, above all, fun, this is one for fans of Barbarella and pop-culture kitsch!

The Lengths by Howard Hardiman. Developed from original interviews with sex workers, this is an intelligent and surprisingly romantic coming-of-age story that deals with gay culture, sex workers, art and just trying to make love work.

Little Death by Thomas Kriebaum (For a limited time only, every copy of Little Death will come with a Little Death bookplate, signed by Thomas Kriebaum.)

Undertow – by Ellen Lindner. Set amidst the chaos of a 1960s summer weekend on Coney Island, Undertow tells the story of Rhonda, a girl overwhelmed by events beyond her control: her mother’s alcoholism, her best friend’s death by drowning – and now a social worker who’s intent on making it all better.

If you are feeling particularly flush, get the lot!

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