(GIST) Taylor Swift added more dates to her slow-selling tour, because MONEY

Taylor Swift added more dates to her slow-selling tour, because MONEY

Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato perform at the 2017 Jingle Ball in New York City

This week, the New York Post published a curious piece about Taylor Swift and the waning interest of her Snake Army. Well, maybe it’s not that the Snake Army’s interest is waning as much as they are not all overwhelming rich. Like, does the average snake fan have $500 or more to spend on one ticket to see Taylor in concert during the Reputation Tour? That’s the question, and we keep getting the answer: the Reputation Tour is not sold out. The tickets have been on sale since Taylor’s birthday, December 13th, and none of the 33 dates has sold out. By comparison, her 1989 Tour sold out “within minutes.” The NY Post says that the lack of sellout dates is all because A) the ticket prices are WAY too expensive and B) fans are actually angry about being duped by Taylor. Well, guess what? Snake Queen doesn’t care – she’s making money no matter what. So she’s just added some new dates to her tour.

Taylor Swift is adding new concert dates to her massive reputation stadium tour amid mixed reports about ticket sales. Bringing the total number of upcoming concerts to 51, Swift announced seven new shows on Wednesday.

In a story calling the tour a “disaster,” the New York Post reported “stratospheric markups and greedy sales gimmicks” have prevented shows from selling out. “Sales so far have been a mega disappointment,” said a music industry insider, according to the Post. “There are hundreds if not thousands of tickets left for every show.” (Reps for Swift and concert promoter AEG did not immediately respond to EW’s requests for comment.)

However, Billboard contends the singer is on track to notch one of the highest billing runs ever. According to estimates from Billboard sources, Swift’s jaunt could earn anywhere from $390 million to $510 million. At their initial release, Swift’s seat prices had some fans balking at the numbers. That might mean dates don’t sell out at lightning speed like they used to, but the move is intentional: Swift is poised to take home more cash for those billings while also combatting the notoriously problematic secondary market that plagues live music fans.

The Post story points the finger at Taylor Swift Tix, the name of her Fan Verified Ticketmaster program, which sells much smaller batches to potential audience members and rewards “real” fans with better access to purchase points. Artists like Bruce Springsteen have employed the program, but Swift’s version added a “boosts” feature that promised priority to fans who purchased reputation (the best-selling album of 2017), ordered merchandise, and showed Swift love on social media. Billboard noted that this “slow-ticketing” model might suggest the “days of instant tour sellouts are gone.”

The full run kicks off in Arizona on May 8 and concludes in Texas in the first week of October. Tickets for the new performances will go on sale Jan. 31 at 10 a.m. local time and fans can also purchase advance tickets via Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift Presale. Registration opens this Friday at 10 a.m. ET and continues through Jan. 18 at 10 a.m. ET.

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I understand the concept of Taylor wanting to “reward” her richest and most loyal fans, but here’s the question: what about the casual fans who don’t want to sign their lives away to the Snake Machine? What about the fans who are like “Oh, I like those Taylor Swift songs I hear on the radio, I bet I would enjoy the concert too”? And then those fans check out the prices and are like “Jesus, nevermind, my mortgage payment is less expensive.” Basically, by adding more dates, Taylor is just confirming that she doesn’t really care about her fans’ complaints about the ticket prices and how much snake merch they were manipulated into purchasing – she’s only interested in having wealthy fans anyway.

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