(GIST) Duchess Camilla ‘secretly’ switched to fake fur after criticism for wearing real fur

Duchess Camilla ‘secretly’ switched to fake fur after criticism for wearing real fur

Charles Camilla Ascot

Back in the day, the Duchess of Cornwall was quite sporty, athletic and aristocratic. She was a good horsewoman, and she spent years going out on hunts with the men. I don’t know what her diet consists of now, but I’m sure she spent much of her life as a meat-eating, leather-and-fur-wearing hunter. But because Camilla is getting older, I guess she worries about appearances a bit more these days. She was apparently heavily criticized for wearing some vintage fur pieces several years ago, so now she only wears fake fur.

The Duchess of Cornwall has secretly switched to wearing fake fur hats after being hit by a barrage of criticism for sporting an ostentatious real fur hat, I can reveal. The Duchess was roundly berated for the real fur Russian-style hat she wore at the Royal Family’s Sandringham Christmas Day church service in 2010. Since then, she has bought SIX bespoke fake fur-trimmed hats from upmarket firm Lock & Co – and was seen proudly wearing one at this year’s Christmas service.

After the 2010 service, the Duchess was blasted here and abroad, including by The Mail on Sunday’s Liz Jones, who wrote: ‘What a slap in the face to the animal-loving British public. The wearing by our Royal Family of a product that’s deemed too cruel to be produced in this country – fur farms were banned here in 2000 – is simply unacceptable.’

The animal rights group Animal Aid described her choice as ‘an ostentatious display of cruelty’ that ‘says something unpleasant about the person wearing it.’

The offending Russian-style hat was apparently made from ‘vintage fur’ that belonged to her grandmother and was upcycled by milliner Philip Treacy – but the criticism stung. Her new fake fur hats are all the same design, but come in a variety of colours including deep pink, black, brown, slate and tweed. A Lock & Co spokeswoman said: ‘Camilla is a customer. The hats are a bespoke order with faux fur trim. The hat sits low on the head and keeps you warm. It’s quite water resistant and good for winter.’ The hat is similar to the company’s ‘Estate’ model but Camilla’s versions do not have a particular name as they are a bespoke order.

The Duchess’s red hat last week matched a bright military style coat by Roy Allen. She has worn the other fake fur hats at the recent Grenfell Tower memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral, an official visit to Denmark, and countryside events. A Buckingham Palace spokesman refused to say whether this meant that Camilla and other Royals have given up fur for good.

[From The Daily Mail]

I would imagine that Camilla probably has many “vintage” fur pieces in her wardrobe which she will never sell or give away, but she probably won’t wear those pieces in public again either. What’s the responsibility here? If people want to criticize her for wearing recycled fur pieces, so be it, but those critics know she spent years as a hunter, right? And those critics know she still likely owns a ton of fur pieces, right? As for the fake fur hats… they look cute and warm. I wouldn’t mind one of those.

Charles Camilla Ascot

Grenfell Tower National Memorial Service

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