(GIST) Ellen responds to Eric Trump’s conspiracy theory: ‘What is Deep State?’

Ellen responds to Eric Trump’s conspiracy theory: ‘What is Deep State?’


Ellen is having a pretty big start to 2018. She is in the middle of her 15th season of her very successful talk show and just launched a new game show. The new show, Ellen’s Game of Games, was borne from the fun, silly games she used to play on her talk show and the ratings for Tuesday’s debut were very good.

Beyond that, Ellen just realized that her influence is powerful enough to trigger conspiracy theories from #45s fifth favorite child, Eric. As is tradition in his family, Eric decided to get on Twitter and jump to a bunch of conclusions based on… Twitter suggestions. Twitter’s algorithms did their thing and casually suggested a few people for Eric to follow. Eric decided everyone involved was a part of a deep-seeded cabal looking to topple his father’s regime because that’s a logical conclusion to draw, right?

I was a little unclear as to what Deep State was, exactly. In case you were too: it is an actual term that’s been used by political scientist and foreign policy experts for years. Prior to the Wonka White House, it was applied to, “individuals and institutions who exercise power independent of—and sometimes over—civilian political leaders.” Mostly it was used for developing countries where it appeared, “generals and spies called the real shots in nominally democratic societies and replaced elected leaders when they saw fit.” The term, naturally has evolved and in #45’s dictionary it means ‘anyone who doesn’t genuflect my way’ and his administration has become obsessed with it.

Turns out, Ellen was a little unclear on the concept herself. But that didn’t stop her from finding Eric’s tweet as funny as we did. So she addressed it on her show Wednesday:

*snicker* I mean, this how Eric’s nonsense should be handled. Personally, I think Ellen is one of the best when it comes to shade. I liked, “which one’s Eric?” but I love how she, an avid animal lover, was able to fit in a swipe about the Trump Sons trophy hunting. The best part for me was when she casually gave very logical reasons why Twitter might have suggested her to Eric (his sisters follow her) that didn’t loop her into secret, treasonous, mass government schemes.

While explaining how she didn’t have time to belong to Deep State, Ellen “confirmed” all the other conspiracies surrounding her. I know she was joking but I desperately want an invite to one of Ellen and Beyonce’s Illuminati brunches. Is there a Deep State registration website where I could score one?

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