(GIST) Jonathan “Foodgōd” Cheban says no to barbecue sauce on pizza – and not much else

Jonathan “Foodgōd” Cheban says no to barbecue sauce on pizza – and not much else

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Full disclosure: I was unaware of who Jonathan Cheban was prior to writing this article. Since I try to fly outside of the Jenner-Kardashian galaxy except for my writing duties here, I am kind of glad I didn’t know about him.

For those of you in the same boat, Jonathan is a reality television presence. He started the timer on his 15 minutes of fame on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and also made a appearances on the show’s many (unnecessary) spinoffs. He got his own reality show on E! (‘natch), in 2010. The Spin Crowd, which only lasted one season. The show revolved around the trials and tribulations of Jonathan and his staff at the public relations firm he founded, CommandPR. He also appeared on the UK shows Celebrity Big Brother and Celebs Go Dating. (Playing fast and loose with that “celebrity” moniker, aren’t we?) Jonathan recently played Sonny to Kim Kardashian’s Cher at the Casamigos Halloween party.

In addition to his television appearances, the Russian-born 43-year-old is an entrepreneur, launching his own clothing line, selling a line of jewelry and opening a few eateries, most recently a Shake Shack-esque fast food restaurant called Burger Bandit on Long Island. He considers himself a foodie and lifestyle expert, dubbing himself the Foodgōd and using his website and social media to alert us on all of the best and trendiest eats around. From what I can gather, Jonathan really likes pizza and sweets – not that there’s anything wrong with that. I would have thought that a “food god” would also be an authority on haute cuisine as well. Maybe that’s just me.

In a video on the New York Post‘s website, Jonathan visits Krave It, a Queens eatery, where he samples some of their pizzas with owner (and from what he puts on his pizzas – Flamin’ Cheetos, anyone? – possibly a man with his weed dealer on speed dial), Vishee Mandahar. Apparently, the restaurant’s “pizza de resistance” (sorry, couldn’t resist) is the “Three Course Pizza” a monstrosity covered in fries, onion rings, burger patties, bacon, burger buns and deep-fried Oreos and topped with powdered sugar and barbecue sauce. What the actual hell? This looks like the work of a stoner (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Apparently, Jonathan objected to the sauce and requested it be left off of his pie. All of those bizarre toppings on one pie and it’s the barbecue sauce that has you in a tizzy? Ummm…okay. When Vishee went to drizzle the sauce, Jonathan exclaimed, “Oh really? Ugh,” requesting the sauce be left off but claiming “I don’t want to ruin your creation.”

I guess he did ruin it (I thought it was ruined with the powdered sugar/fried Oreo combo blech), as he sampled a sauce-less slice and then another culinary disaster disguised as a pizza featuring fried egg cheeseburger pizza with bacon, fries, chipotle, cilantro (ew in itself) and two different kinds of cheese. I love food and have watched my share of Epic Meal Time and Hellthy Junk Food videos, but these border on the ridiculous… meaning something I probably would have devoured in college.

This CHEESEBURGER 🍔 Pizza 🍕 happened today…can you believe this thing?? How many slices can you eat?????

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The hero of the day in the Post video isn’t Vishee and it certainly isn’t Jonathan, who comes off as slightly douchey… it’s the guy who obviously has no idea who Jonathan is, and when is informed that he’s “Foodgōd” asks “What made him the food god? Is he self-appointed? Did we vote on this god?” You, my friend, win the internet for today (in my book).

I don’t know about you, but I like barbecue sauce on a pizza – of course, I’m only thinking about California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza (and the Lean Cuisine knock-off, which isn’t too bad for a frozen, diet pizza). Who’s with me on this?

Starting off 2018 the Foodgōd way! Let’s make that Dough💰!!! TURN 🔛 POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR BIG CONTESTS COMING UP!!

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Sharing is caring…I don’t care🤷‍♂️

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