(GIST) Pippa Middleton’s breakfast will never include ‘pancakes with bacon and maple syrup’

Pippa Middleton’s breakfast will never include ‘pancakes with bacon and maple syrup’

Pippa Middleton in the Royal box on Centre Court on day three of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London

You think you know someone, and then they completely surprise you. Given the lead-up to her “royal adjacent” wedding, not to mention the wedding itself and the exhaustive worldwide honeymoon tour, I thought Pippa Middleton was going to be in our faces for a long time. I thought the honeymoon tour – complete with Daily Mail photoshoots – was the first part of Pippa’s quest for global Pippa Tips domination. I pictured more book deals and offers to write sad society columns. But that didn’t happen. After the honeymoon, Pippa has been pretty quiet. There hasn’t even been a pregnancy announcement, which is what I was expecting too. But no, Pippa has just been settling into married life with Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews, and she’s quietly doing her charity work.

Pippa is sort of better at charity work than her sister, honestly. Pippa’s latest charitable endeavor is supporting the Magic Breakfast campaign, which sounds like a lot of American programs to provide free breakfasts to poor school kids. To support the program, Pippa gave a rare interview, and it’s all about breakfast! And how much she dislikes pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

Meghan Markle may be about to provide a touch of American flavor to the royal family, but she’ll have to be careful about her food choices if Pippa Middleton ever stops by for breakfast. As a supporter of the Magic Breakfast campaign, Middleton, who tied the knot with husband James Matthews in May, is eager to promote the virtues of a healthy breakfast in Britain’s schools – and that means avoiding one of the most iconic American breakfasts of all.

“Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup – that certainly doesn’t do it for me,” Middleton tells the i Newspaper when asked to name the one thing she would “never eat for breakfast.”

“I always have breakfast. I can’t start the day properly without it,” adds Middleton, who says her all-time favorite breakfast was “up a mountain in the Trois Vallées ski region of France, with beautiful views, snow all around and crisp, fresh air to heighten the senses.”

She continues: “My usual breakfast is either plain yogurt with chopped fruit and toasted seeds, oats and nuts or toasted rye bread with eggs or avocado.”

As for her life growing up in her family’s Bucklebury home with big sister Kate? Well, “almost everything” was scoffed at one time or another, reveals Middleton, “but lots of porridge or boiled eggs with soldiers [a U.K. term for a thin strip of toast; the strips that a slice is cut into are reminiscent of soldiers on parade].

Her recommendation for a healthy start to the day (taken from her recipe book Heartfelt, published by the British Heart Foundation): “Bircher muesli with fresh berries on top – you can even make a batch for the whole week.”

Middleton has supported Magic Breakfast since she took part in the grueling Vasaloppet cross-country ski race in Sweden alongside brother James in 2012. The 56-mile challenge is the oldest, longest and biggest cross-country ski race in the world. The charity provides free, healthy breakfast cereals and bagels for children in disadvantaged areas of the U.K. who arrive at school too hungry to learn.

[From People]

All I could think about was… why isn’t Kate supporting the Magic Breakfast program? Why isn’t Harry? William? Food insecurity is a huge problem in so many “developed” countries, and children are often the smallest victims of below-the-line poverty. As for what Pippa says about breakfasts… I know I should be outraged that she’s dissing the more American-style breakfast, but here are a few things: most Americans aren’t really sitting down to eat pancakes, bacon and syrup every day anyway. That’s a special-occasion breakfast for most people. Secondly, I can’t eat that kind of stuff early in the morning either. I’m like Pippa – all I want is some yogurt and a piece of fruit, like a banana, and I’m good. Thinking about scarfing down pancakes and bacon early in the morning leaves me cold.

Pippa Middleton And James Matthews head to Wimbledon

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