(GIST) Rob Lowe promotes Atkins ‘It is a sustainable long-term easy lifestyle’

Rob Lowe promotes Atkins ‘It is a sustainable long-term easy lifestyle’

Rob Lowe is one of those actor who surprises me with an enjoyable performance whenever I see him on the small screen. My brother had us binge watching The Orville on Hulu over the weekend, it’s Seth MacFarlane’s humorous Star Trek spoof, and Lowe had a guest role as a blue alien. (Charlize Theron had a guest role in another episode too!) Even in blue makeup with gills on his head, Lowe was somehow charismatic and charming, although I suspect that character was written specifically for him. He’s wonderful on Parks and Rec of course too, and who can forget his turn as the plastic surgeon on Behind the Candelabra? Lowe, 53, is still in tip top shape. He gave an interview to People Magazine to promote his new collaboration with Atkins, which as you know is the low-carb diet. Lowe is their first male spokesperson. Lowe doesn’t drink and has followed the Atkins diet for years, so this sounds like a natural fit for him. In his talk with People he also called his teenage sons his greatest achievement and gushed about his wife of 26 years, Sheryl Berkoff.

On his greatest achievement
“My boys are definitely my greatest achievement. I can only take half of the credit – maybe not even half! The rest goes to my wife Sheryl, who’s been just an amazing partner. Looking back on this year, the thing I’m most grateful is my family, my health and the opportunities that have been laid out before me.”

Why he’s endorsing Atkins
“Atkins is a great way to loose [sic] weight but I don’t use it for that. I use it as an overall lifestyle. It’s not a diet. It is a sustainable long-term easy lifestyle…

“The irony is, I’ve been eating Atkins for years. I think I probably started in my late 30s. Atkins is the authority of low carb, high protein low sugar diets so I’ve been doing it for so many year [sic] that when they came to me and asked to do this together it was like I’m already doing it, so it was the perfect fit.”

On taking care of himself
“I have to take care of myself and be disciplined. I have to get enough sleep, workout, eat right. I look at myself as no different than a professional athlete. If you go to sleep on it, you can’t expect to have the energy to be diverse and have longevity.”

On New Year’s resolutions
“I think New Year’s resolutions are a really good exercise. I’m into longevity and consistency. A resolution needs to be something that I can integrate in a daily basis. I think it’s a great time for everybody to reflect on the person they want to be.”

[From People]

I’m a calorie counter and food weigher as I always mention and I doubt I could give up carbs, but Atkins works for a lot of people and I know people who swear by it. Personally I believe no food is good or bad and I eat everything in moderation (ok I eat way too much sugar but I’m working on that). I really like what Lowe said about how New Year’s resolutions are a way to “reflect on the person [you] want to be.” I’m kind of hazy on mine and need to work on that. I think reducing sugar is at the top of the list. *Eats Reese’s mini cup*

Relevant clip:

I’m not feeling Rob Lowe with this tan, facial scruff and lighter hair. I hope that’s for a role.


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