(GIST) Kate Winslet on Woody Allen’s creepy daughter fixation: ‘It was never discussed’

Kate Winslet on Woody Allen’s creepy daughter fixation: ‘It was never discussed’

SFFILM Awards Night

Wonder Wheel has not been nominated for any major awards – it received zero SAG nominations, zero Golden Globe nominations, zero critics’ awards (the score was nominated for a few critics’ awards, to be fair). Kate Winslet has not been recognized for her work in the lead role at all, by any major awards show. And yet Winslet has been ever-present, hawking this film in trade papers and major print interviews for months now. It has not gone well (just look through our Winslet archives). But Winslet still plugs away, humblebragging about how she’s so brilliant and normal and how she always hated Harvey Weinstein but she thinks Woody Allen is totes brilliant and all of that. Winslet did The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, which you can hear here. Some highlights:

She always despised Harvey Weinstein: “He would come up to me every time I saw him, ‘Don’t forget who gave you your first movie!’ He didn’t ‘give me’ my first movie — I auditioned for four months. Peter Jackson gave me the part. But, you know, how dare he even sow that seed in my mind, that in some way any part of my career had anything to do with him rooting for me or pushing for me or putting my name forward.”

Weinstein was always horrible: “He was just so horrible to deal with. I was one of the ones he would label ‘difficult’ because I wouldn’t do the things he would ask for me to do on a business-level…. These were ridiculous requests…. He didn’t like me because I wouldn’t be bullied by him.” Winslet further notes that Weinstein addressed her female agent, Hylda Queally, as a c— “for absolutely years”; tormented Sydney Pollack on his deathbed and drove away Scott Rudin during the making of The Reader; and then unnecessarily released The Reader, which “was not supposed to come out until a whole year later,” in the same awards season as her then-husband Sam Mendes’ film Revolutionary Road, in which she also starred, in some ways pitting the two against each other. Since it was “just an Oscar grab” by Weinstein, and one handled very insensitively, Winslet decided on a course of action: “I just thought to myself, ‘Well, if I can just get my own back in some way at this awful man, I’m not gonna thank him. If I happen to win that Oscar [for The Reader], I am not going to say thank you.’”

She didn’t even talk to Woody about anything involving his daughter Dylan, even given the subject matter of Wonder Wheel:
“Everything Ginny feels is gigantic…. She’s an awful mother, and I don’t like playing people who are bad mothers…. There were many, many reasons why I was nervous to play it, because I felt like I could have got it wrong so easily.” (As for the fact that the film tells the story of a man who is in a relationship with one woman, but whose eye wanders to her daughter — a bizarre echo of Allen’s own experience leaving Farrow for her daughter, Soon-Yi Previn — Winslet says, “It was honestly never discussed. It was never discussed. And maybe that’s not right, but it was never discussed.”)

Woody’s women: “He writes these very, very layered female characters that are unbelievable,” she explains. “I mean, just unbelievably full and rich and vulnerable and strong.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

The thing about Winslet deliberately NOT thanking Weinstein at the Oscars is that she thanked Weinstein profusely at the SAG Awards just a month earlier. And despite her career-long qualms about Weinstein, she kept f–king working with him over and over. I believe that she didn’t know the extent of Weinstein’s behavior, but she’s the one claiming that she always knew he was a bully and a bastard and she’s trying to get “credit” for not bending to his will. Except she fell all over herself to thank him and work with him repeatedly, you know? As for the Woody Allen stuff… I didn’t realize Wonder Wheel involved a her character’s husband being interested in her daughter. *shiver* God, Winslet is just the worst.

SFFILM Awards Night

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