(GIST) Mandy Moore in Rosie Assoulin at the Golden Globes: nice pop of color?

Mandy Moore in Rosie Assoulin at the Golden Globes: nice pop of color?

As I said earlier today, I was surprised at how awesome it was to see nearly everyone in black on a red carpet. It’s like the single color not only signified how important this cause is, but it’s also made the features of the dresses stand out. There were virtually no garish colors, there were no prints, the weird embellishments were kept to a minimum, and it was so interesting to see how the different designers worked with that single color. There were a few women who went with primarily black dresses with small pops of color or metallic elements (there were definitely more metallics that I noticed) and Mandy Moore was one of them. She was in a black Rosie Assoulin gown with a wide red belt-like swath across the waist. That red was like an act of defiance in a sea of black. The original gown was all black with cutouts at the side but someone thought to alter it by added a red piece of fabric, which was thoughtful. There’s a cape on this which leads from the neckline too. I wish I could find a better back view of this dress.


Here’s Mandy’s costar, Chrissy Metz, in Sachin & Babi. I loved seeing her interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, even though he’s a hack. It seems like everyone who works on This is Us is deeply connected to their character and storyline. It must be a nice place to work, although it’s got to be devastating at times too. (I don’t watch it yet, but I’ve heard enough things about what a tearjerker it can be.) I like the sequin and velvet-like fabric in this gown (it looks lighter than velvet, like a blend) along with the mesh hem at the bottom. It’s like designers had to be more creative.



Sharon Stone was in Vitor Zerbinato and she brought one of her sons, Roan Joseph Bronstein, 17. The angular cutouts on this gown are killer. I want it, or at least a shirt that approximates this look without any cutouts and with more coverage. I don’t think it would quite look the same on me and neither would that awesome haircut. Goals.

Ooh and check out Roan’s long velvet jacket!

Alexis Bledel was another celebrity who added color to her look. She was in an Oscar de la Renta pantsuit with a white bodice with black leaves winding around it, a black sash and black pants. Imagine this look in all black. It would be better, right? The leaves would be more subtle and it wouldn’t look as garish.

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