(GIST) Wait, why did Kendall Jenner and her crazy new lips attend the Golden Globes?

Wait, why did Kendall Jenner and her crazy new lips attend the Golden Globes?

75th Golden Globe Awards

I interrupt the normal Golden Globes coverage to bring you the WTFery of Kendall Jenner. Kendall Jenner and her new, tragic lips made an appearance at the Golden Globes last night. FOR NO REASON!! Kendall wasn’t a presenter, and she obviously wasn’t nominated for anything. She wasn’t a “Globe Ambassador” or whatever. She’s just a nepotism model who is looking increasingly plastic. Why was she there? In a night full of such amazing Lady Power moments, why did Kendall Jenner show up? Did she bring the Pepsi and solve Black Lives Matter?

Kendall wore Giambattista Valli. CB wanted me to point out that this is pretty much the same sillhouette which Rihanna has been rocking for years, only Rihanna does it better (obviously). I said last night that the “maternity” look of the dress was making me rethink my previous eyerolls at all of the conspiracies around Kendall. Lord, is she pregnant too? Does that explain the lips? Hahahaha, nothing explains the lips.

75th Golden Globe Awards

75th Golden Globe Awards

Also absurd: the fact that Susan Sarandon got any applause last night. Don’t clap for her. She’s still an a–hole. She did bring Rosa Clemente as her date, which was the only good thing about her appearance.

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