(GIST) Zoe Kazan in Valentino at the Critics Choice Awards: bizarre or cute?

Zoe Kazan in Valentino at the Critics Choice Awards: bizarre or cute?

Critics Choice nominee Zoe Kazan was in Valentino. She was nominated in the Best Actress in a Comedy for The Big Sick, which went to Margot Robbie for I, Tonya. (Incidentally The Big Sick did win last night for Best Comedy, which is promising. I hope it gets nominated for an Oscar but given the fact that it was just snubbed in the DGA nominations, it’s doubtful.) Her styling fits the look a little too well I’ll just say that. Those yellow lace sleeves have to go, as do the thick lines of lace across the front. It’s like someone took a simple polka dot dress and tried to make it look “adult” and dressy with features that don’t mesh with the rest of the design. The layer underneath has flowers on it, which makes no sense either.


Natalia Dyer of Stranger Things was in sequin floral Erdem with a rhinestone overlay and even though this dress is fussy and girly I think it works. The dress sticks to that one theme and while it has some added details they all match with the intent of the design.



Madeline Brewer from Handmaid’s Tale had on an Elizabeth Kennedy dress with a gray bustier and a bronze metallic skirt. I barely recognized her with red hair, her character Ofwarren has brown hair, and without the eyepatch. She’s gorgeous and so is this dress. I love the red velvet around the waist too. Oh and The Handmaid’s Tale won Best Drama Series.



Here’s forever nominee Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) in Mary Katrantzou. This is fun but weird. I don’t think I’ve seen multicolor stripes on a dress confined to just one area. Like how do designers come up with dresses like this? “Let’s make a red sequin dress with butterfly rhinestones along the collar and stripes from the neck leading down to half sleeves. Oh and the stripes should be glittery too.” All that said, this is kind of cute and whimsical. I think she’s pulling it off. Also: did you know Tatiana Maslany is Canadian? I just checked her wiki. For years I thought she was British, but sadly I do not watch Orphan Black (yet, I may lose a week to it at some point).

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